Sendai Language School offers a variety of services for corporations, including translation, interpretation, and on-site lessons at your company.These services are offered not only in English, but in languages such as Chinese, Korean, and Spanish as well. We offer top-quality service, with the goal of being a business partner you can rely on. Please contact us to see how we can serve you.

Translation Services

We provide high-quality translations from Japanese into English and vice versa. We also offer proofreading by native speakers, to help make sure your text is as natural as can be. The time needed for completion depends on the subject and volume of the material to be translated or proofread.

English to JapaneseA minimum 5,500yen charge for text of 400 Japanese characters or 200 English words. Charges increase based on text length.From 5,500yen
Other Languages to Japanese40- to 100-percent added to the English charge, with the fee depending on the language.From 7,700yen
Japanese to EnglishBased on an A4 double-spaced page (24 lines, 1 line consisting of 60 letters) or 400 Japanese characters.From 7,700yen
Japanese to Other Languages40- to 100-percent added to the English charge, with the fee depending on the language.From 11,000yen

※10% sales tax included.

※Prices listed above are standard charges, but will vary based on content, difficulty, schedule, volume, etc. Please get in touch and we will make an estimate suited to your needs.

On-Site Lessons

1. On-Site Foreign Language Training

Our highly-experienced instructors (both native and Japanese) can provide foreign language lessons to your employees at the place of your choosing.

Our lessons are customized to suit your needs - whether it’s TOEIC preparation, training for overseas dispatches, general conversation training, etc.

2. On-Site Japanese Language Training

We also offer Japanese language training for your international employees. Experienced teachers will help your employees learn Japanese quickly, even if they have no prior knowledge of the language.

We can also provide intensive courses based on the level you want them to reach and the time you want them to get there.

3. Customized On-Site Lesson Flow