I would like to go to a university or career college. Can you advise me?
We have a vast amount of information regarding private and public universities and private colleges, not only in Sendai but throughout Japan. We can help you choose the proper university or college based on your wishes, abilities, and situation.
What do you offer regarding the Japanese Language Proficiency Test?
The Japanese Language Proficiency Test consists of five levels, from grade N5 up to N1.It is important to take the test in order to gauge your Japanese ability, and passing the test is a requirement in order to enter some universities, so one of the most important goals we set is to help students pass the highest (N1) grade.
How does the cost of living in Sendai compare with other large cities in Japan?
Sendai is much cheaper compared to other large cities such as Tokyo. In fact, living in Sendai instead of Tokyo saves approximately 20- to 30-percent per year in food and living expenses alone. Sendai has a population of more than one million, and both shopping and transportation are convenient. The people of Sendai are kind, and the city boasts an abundance of natural beauty. Overall, Sendai is an excellent and attractive environment for students.
Can I have a part-time job?
You are allowed to do part-time work as long as it amounts to less than 28 hours per week. In order to work, you must obtain permission from the Regional Immigration Bureau. However, according to the rules of our school, it is prohibited to have part-time work for the first three months of enrollment. In addition, we advise students to refrain from having a job if it begins to interfere with their studies.
Is a one-year period of studying permitted?
In general, we require students to follow the full course agenda, and do not allow them to take the standard course for only one year. However, we invite you to contact us if you have specific conditions and require an irregular course arrangement.
What are the teachers like?
Many are graduates of reputable private and public universities throughout Japan, and have Japanese Teaching Certificates. Additionally, some teachers have experience teaching at universities abroad. All of the teachers have extensive experience and will be sensitive to your needs and ability.
Do you have any dormitory accommodations available?
Yes, we do. Dormitory rooms are generally arranged for shared use (two to three students per room). Please contact with us if you prefer living in a single room.