Short-Term Course

Short-term courses are available for those who obtain a valid visa to stay in Japan.

Students can enter courses at any time, but in order to study more effectively, we recommend starting a short-term course in either April, July, October, or January.

Schedules and costs differ from our regular courses, so please contact us for more details.

Admission Periods for Short–Term Courses

You have to complete the admission process two weeks before the course begins.
Please contact us for more information.

Time Table (Standard and Short-Term Courses)

Period 19:00~9:4513:30~14:15
Period 29:45~10:3014:15~15:00
Period 310:50~11:3515:20~16:05
Period 411:35~12:2016:05~16:50

Classes are scheduled either in the morning or the afternoon.

Students will be placed in the appropriate class based on a level check.

※Times differ for private lessons and summer courses.